Billy Steeves – Instinct

I was browsing friends via Facebook and I noticed one that I befriended last summer in NYC while I was doing those half naked men shoots for the online version of DNA magazine was on the cover of the new Instinct. Billy Steeves, Congrats! Billy is actually a full time nurse at one of the hospitals in New York City and does modeling on the side. There’s an interview in the magazine as well.

Here’s his cover for Instinct.


Here’s a review of some shots I did of Mr. Steeves last summer for DNA.








Congrats again Billy! Best of luck to whatever else you accomplish in life.

9 Responses to “Billy Steeves – Instinct”

  1. Yummy! And those blue eyes… LOL

  2. tate's wife Says:


  3. i subscribe those magazine. wow, congrats!

  4. oh my!! gimme his #??! 😉 WELL DONE! I AM DAMN PROUD OF YOU!

  5. whew, i cant stop looking his yadda and his abs , so perfect picture.. soo hot!! sizzle!

  6. KIM KEREK Says:

    I DIDN’T NOTICE…LOL!!!!!!!

  7. You take amazing pictures and caught his vulnerable sides. Simply gorgeous!

  8. nice shots, tate! your a truly amazing photographer!

  9. i wanna see more 😉

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