Senior Portraits of Andre

Here are some cool shots I got of Andre last week for his senior photo session!







9 Responses to “Senior Portraits of Andre”

  1. nice settings and pictures

  2. beautiful shots, even if his hair is too girly for me. he has good hair 🙂

  3. Michelle Ayers Says:

    awesome!!! I wish you had taken my senior pictures. Its funny because you can see where I burned myself in one of my senior pictures.

  4. the pic of andre on the truck is my fav! =D

  5. #2 – Winning smiles always get my vote.

  6. jodi james Says:

    OMG!! i can’t believe andre is graduating high school! i feel REALLY old!! andre you look great! congrats 😉

  7. you had wonderful pix. get eye too. i cant wait to get mine done by you. 🙂

  8. Your Dad Says:

    Andre is a good looking young man. Good jpb, I bet he and his parents were pleased with these shots.

  9. Melissa Bourgeois Says:

    Great photos… can’t believe Andrea is really graduating:) I want his hair cut too!

    Tate you are amazing!

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