Purple Tapes Me

I was chosen by Purple as one of their 12 Trailblazers for 2009. They’re going to have a campaign/etc coming in a while with 10 minute segments of this uninteresting stuff about me. 😉 It was so funny – it felt awkward being in FRONT of the camera. I don’t mind attention, in fact – I LOVE it…. but not when it’s about me “talking about myself and my work”. I’m always feeling like I’m put on the spot when I do interviews and end up giving the most stupidest answers. Haha – you can see for yourself when they release them.

Here are some shots that I did while they taped me “shooting a subject”. That “subject I shot” was Shoshannah Stern (thank you being for my toy! (and double thanks for hosting, along with Ricky!)). I thought it was cool actually how Sho’s photo has the cameramen in them for a few. I think it’s kind of ironic because she’s actually the “star” and I’m just a mere photographer – but the cameras are on me. Kind of a twist at paparazzi turning on their own – Ha!

I love, love, love these photos I chose to post up. Sho has one of the most fun laughs/smiles I have ever been exposed to. No matter how silly she gets, it’s always fantastic captures.

Thanks to Purple for thinking I’m worthy of their campaign. It’s a nice compliment, I just feel so silly! I’m not saving the world or anything, but they did say – I inspire. If I do, great. I’m glad my “name” can take advantage of this money they’re giving away to us to donate to charity.

Anyway – check ’em out!









8 Responses to “Purple Tapes Me”

  1. these are by far one of the most fun pixs ive seen, i love the twist to it all! sho is gorgeous!
    congratulations to you- and the other 11. i am so proud of you and them! looking forward to the campaign!!!!! 🙂

  2. I’m so proud of you and your work! Purple made a wise choice when they selected you as one of their 12 Trailblazers. Keep up the fine work and continue to be the good man you are.

  3. Shoshannah Says:

    So, so proud of you. Your answers were fantastically awesome. I know, I was there! Interesting, humorous, humble, and hungry all at the same time! Can’t wait to see the campaign, you are gonna rock it.

  4. Congratulations, Tate!! You deserve this honor! Hope to see you in DC! Hugss

  5. Kerri Clark Says:

    Love it!!! Looked like a fun thing to do, being on the other side and all. Doesn’t hurt to be well-rounded. Great pics, as always!!!

  6. ruby1119 Says:

    Congrats! You totally deserve this recognition! Nick now works for Purple so I’m glad he’s working for an awesome company! Looking forward to the interview! =D

  7. Ugh, I was logged in someone else’s wordpress account! That was me (ruby1119). =P

  8. My boy!!!!!!!!!!! Atta-boy Tate! Dad!

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