Cherry Blossom Craziness

Today was my first day of shooting in DC – and I did them around the Cherry Blossom area near the Jefferson Memorial because a large percentage of clients requested it. After dealing with the parking, 1 million people, major winds, and whatnot – it’s not the best place for a photo session. Fear not, the shoots I did today – we got some fantastic shots!!!

Tomorrow, I’m shooting at the Glen Echo Park (which I accidentally discovered today) so I’m pumped up. It’s got this old retro amusement park. Me and my clients will rock out some kick ass photos.

Here’s a few shots from today…..

The Cherry Blossom Festival in DC.


Heidi & Sebastian are just photo subjects. Even with the cold winds, this 6 month old baby just cooperated so well!


The Gagnon’s! The ma and pa are also members of Class of 2001, it was good seeing them again!


Glen Echo, here I come tomorrow!!!

3 Responses to “Cherry Blossom Craziness”

  1. Sebastian’s mom is hot! Heidi you look so great when you’re not floating in a pond. 🙂 Your son is a handsome boy. My best to y’all. Take care.

  2. Heidi Zornes Camacho Says:

    Thanks for the compliment “dad”. It was so windy that day. Wow!!! Like Hurricane force winds. But Tate, being the master that he is, managed to pull off a great shot!! He is a genius with that camera. Hugs to you all. Peace and Love!

  3. Debbie Fontenot Says:

    Heidi, You look fab! Sebastian, Gammi loves you and can’t wait to see you again.

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