Jake Vicknair – Senior Portraits

Here are some of my latest senior portraits I took a bit over a week ago. We did them around my house (I’m loving the fact I can actually do cool shootings at my OWN house!).

Jake’s the cousin of an old high school friend of mine, so she came along with him (Hey Nikki!) to help out with the shoot. We got some great stuff. His eyes are a great BLUE which is an attractive trait and they look great in the photos.







Congrats Jake! Good luck with your future!


3 Responses to “Jake Vicknair – Senior Portraits”

  1. Kerri Clark Says:

    Wow, what a striking man – really great photos! Congrats to Jake on his upcoming graduation!

  2. Nikki Vicknair Says:

    Thanks Tate — the pics are wonderful and I know Jake will be so happy. We really had a fun time taking them. 🙂

  3. Amy Vicknair Says:

    OMG Tate! Thank you so very much for bringing out what a whole lot of people have known about Jake. Im his mother and Im still crying in awe. What amazing photos to bring out the “golden child” that I have called him forever. I absolutely love them. Thank you again.

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