Today, I met up with three sets of clients around the Dupont Circle area. It was so nice being around that environment – the weather was superb today! Sun, blue skies, and just the right amount of breeze!

I got to check out some bookstores that I always loved in the area and ate a sandwich from Cosi (been ages!).






and here’s what I always mean to do – but always forget – with each client I ever shoot…..

join ’em for a shot!

Thanks y’all for another fun day of shooting. Tomorrow is the National Mall area shoot day – will be shooting around the Art Museum with all those sculptures and whatnot, along with the rest of the surroundings. Let’s just hope the weather cooperates!

Tomorrow, I’ll be doing 5 shoots throughout the day. One is a wedding client from Louisiana! The fiancee flew in today to visit her fiance who’s in school/or works here….. and we’ll do their engagement photos around that area because he proposed to her there. Cute, huh? And they get hitched in Louisiana later this year! Can’t wait to photograph ’em!

You all have a great weekend coming up. I’m looking forward to all of it (and especially Luke’s 30th birthday bash Saturday night!).

Good night, my friends!



  1. The first one , I thought it was CAMERON Diaz.. my mistake .. all look awesome .. Man , I had forget all about Dupont point.. I love love it all .

  2. love!!!!!!

  3. Wow! They are all so awesome! My fav is the first one! Love your smile!

  4. Shucks, you never took a group pic with us when you shot us…next time maybe? đŸ˜‰

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