The Unusuals

I know I downsized on my blab blab blogs but after I saw this new TV show last night called The Unusuals – I knew I had to do a shout out for it.  It is a cop show but with a twist of “huh”. They introduce all the characters in this pilot episode and it’s hard not to get bitten by the curious bug. We have a rich girl who becomes a cop, a pro baseball player who becomes a cop (but also owns his own diner style place which is obviously open ONLY when he’s not working…as a cop), the christian cop who has lots of dirty secrets of his own, and there’s the team of a cop who has a deathwish – and in contrast, the other who is SO afraid of dying that he wears a bulletproof vest 24/7.


If that doesn’t interest you, then ignore! For those that it does, it is such a fun show. Unique characters and it’s almost to the point where you don’t even care about the storyline – but you want to know more about them. In last night’s show – there was a minor plot involving a cat killer. At first it was just a bit silly for my taste but once it came around to the final scene where there’s a cop car, the criminal with fish sauce squirted allover him, and a “background wall” in the shot…… it just all made you go – “Hey! That was cool.”

Check it out! THE UNUSUALS

As for yesterdays shoots – we got some really fun stuff @ Glen Echo.




Thanks everyone for another fun day of shooting & company!

In an hour, I’ve got to metro off to Dupont Circle to meet my clients for the day! I get to see Dusti & Carson at 2, so am excited to see how big he’s grown in the last year!

You all have a great day.


2 Responses to “The Unusuals”

  1. sarahstyles Says:

    give dusti/carson a great big fat wet kiss from me 🙂

    the photos you did yesterday, OOOMMM! love ’em!

  2. Hileelee Says:

    I LOVEEEEEE The W’s with the dogs!!!!!!

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