10 hour Shoot Day!

Today was a long day for me – ALL fun though! I met up with a client at 10 around he national mall – and pretty much stayed there (with a trip all the way to the Lincoln Memorial) – then did a zig zag to Georgetown for the last shoot of the day. I finally got back to the O condo around 9ish. Thank you to Luke for having a mexican dish ready for me to gorge down!





Heba brought me a gift out of the blue – its an artifact from Egypt. “You didn’t have to!” “I wanted to!” She said she knew Sarah and I loved house decor stuff – how sweet! And speaking of nice surprises – Marcy Fox a few days ago brought me some COFFEE from Costa Rica. What a group of generous clients I get across my path from time to time!


Tomorrow is a set of shoots that will take place @ Adams Morgan! Fun, hip, and colorful! It’s supposed to rain all morning so hopefully it DOES because my first shoot will be at 1pm – SUN SUN SUN – Weather Gods, I will rub your feet.

You guys have a great weekend (or whatever’s left of it!). Saturday is tomorrow and I’m ready to get some more great shots…… and get the party juices out for Luke’s 30th birthday bash tomorrow night!

Peace. Love. Shot.


3 Responses to “10 hour Shoot Day!”

  1. WHo’s that GUY? He’s HOTTIE !!! LOve them all .. you need a break , dude.

  2. Michelle Ayers Says:

    yeah I was thinking the same thing!!

  3. Iva Tullier Says:

    Ooohh, the guy in the grave yard is a hunk! I also really like the carousel and sailor shots. Great job! I hope your week continues to be fun for you and your clients.

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