Bunny Day Work

I missed out on Easter once again this year. Sarah said she had a great time with hers today in Baton Rouge. I spent all day doing photo sessions – first at Meridan Hill Park off of U street, then did a pit stop in Silver Spring, then zoomed to downtown Rockville.  All clients were great – I enjoyed myself as per usual and got some more sun.


img_3770This girl was walking around “hiding” these Easter Beer Bunnies (I guess she and some friends were doing an Easter Beer Hunt)… Just thought it waz crazy cool and snapped a shot to share with y’all!






I’m not even sure yet where I’m shooting tomorrow! Meridan Hill Park was ok/ok – gorgeous place but I just smelled too much piss in corners and whatnot – so today’s shoots were great, but I don’t think I’ll re-shoot there this week.

I’m still loving Glen Echo the best out of all my locations I shot around. Adams Morgan was kick ass with the colorful backgrounds though…. Hmmm! Really – any location will work. I make it work.

You guys have a great week coming ahead of you. Be careful not to vomit too much bunny chocolate, and yes – you can blame being late to work on “I can’t sleep, I ate too much Easter Sugar last night!!!!!” – yeah… you can.


5 Responses to “Bunny Day Work”

  1. I love that Dante Alghieri statue and visit it frequently when I need counsel…nice!

  2. Iva Tullier Says:

    The 2 children’s pictures are great! You can’t go wrong when people are THAT beautiful! Love the work, as usual.

  3. i love these daily updates! and I’m thinking the girl in the shorts and bustier had to be cold! i’m impressed!!!!!

  4. love love love the black and white of the family with the parents adoring her as she looks out at us. she is exuding the comfort and love poored upon her. wow.

  5. Michelle Ayers Says:

    aww the two girls are cute!!

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