Downtown DC – Luke’s 30th!

Last night was lots of fun. I met up with Rebecca and James and did a quickie session of them around Chinatown/the National Portrait Gallery – and we got some cute shots!


After our session, we went to meet up with Alicia @ Clydes where I had a delicious hamburger and fries dish – filled me up good before my mega vodka intake @ Kstreetlounge where Tamara hosted Luke’s 30th bash! We partied there from 10pm to 2:30am – it’s been a while since I stayed in a club-ish environment for THAT long even though it WAS a lounge. Tam got this table with seats – etc so that was nice to have available!



shot above wasn’t taken by me – oops! Duh – it was taken by Matt Kohashi

Off to do shoots all afternoon @ Meridan Hill Park. You all have a happy Bunny day/Lazy Sunday!


4 Responses to “Downtown DC – Luke’s 30th!”

  1. Loooove the one of mr oscar and his mrs! 🙂

  2. Reb and James are hot couple! 🙂 and Luke looks greattt! happy birthday to Luke! 🙂

  3. Jenny and Jarrod Says:

    Love the pic of Rebecca and James! and Happy Birthday to Luke- everyone looks great!

  4. Dad Tullier Says:

    Was Luke in the pic withy Tamara? Whenever she is in a pic, I can’t seem to be able to focus on men. Oh wait, there was something way off in the distance that was blue. Was that Luke? 😀

    Another OH! Your Mom tells me you were in the last pic with Tam and girlfriend. Again, 😀

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