Gally, See and Shoot

Yesterday I hit the metro to the Gally stop (I still can’t believe during my time, we didn’t have THAT stop right down the road from the campus!). I had three sessions and all were Gally students so we decided to shoot on campus. All three were new clients of mine so it’s always so nice to meet new faces and see how they’re liking it at Gallaudet. Of course, walking around on campus made me smile – it brought so many good memories back for me. I can honestly say – I don’t have any bad memories about my time there.

The clients were tons of fun. We had some good laughs and enjoyed ourselves.




After the shoots, I met up with a longtime good friend of mine, Shilpa, and she took me to H street to check out a new sushi restaurant that many rave about – Sticky Rice.

Delicious! The environment was really hip too – I really enjoyed the evening of catchup with Dr. Hanumantha!

The tater tots were delicious! I ordered the Godzillra (sp?) speciality sushi roll – delish.






In all, it was a great day. I went to sleep last night around 11:30pm! The earliest I’ve gone since I arrived into town.

Have a great day! It’s on the rainy side for me today so meeting clients at Union Station/among area surroundings.

5 Responses to “Gally, See and Shoot”

  1. sarahstyles Says:

    i miss dr shilps 😦 and wow that place, so cool- tatertots at a sushi place? interesting.

    and tatertots, i lovvve the pixs you did- does that girl have pierced dimples? v. interesting πŸ™‚

  2. You saw SHILPA?! Wow. Me jealous.

    The Doudt siblings — gorgeous.

  3. Does Dr. Shilps know you took that pix? πŸ™‚

  4. Lani Murashige Says:


  5. Sarah & Alli- xoxos!

    Chris- now i know! :p

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