Sun Ain’t Comin’ Out

The sun definitely didn’t come out one bit today – which worked in my favor today because we shot around Union Station and the American Indian Museum outside so it was perfect because we didn’t have to scrounge under shade or worry about eyes being practically shut because of a bright sun.

I met up with three clients – all were lots of fun and just easy to work with!!!




The architecture at the American Indian Museum is amazing!!! I definitely recommend you go check it out if you haven’t (that goes for you Metro-ers who LIVE here too!).

Right now, Luke and I are chillin’ and ordered a really big pizza from Pizza Hut – pepperoni with jalepenos etc etc… AHH!!! Delicious!!!!!

Also gotta catch up on some editing from my pre-DC shoots so I can get started on DC’s shoots itself!

You guys have a great evening – tomorrow’s Hump Day so you only have two more days till Friday gets here!!!

Peace out.


2 Responses to “Sun Ain’t Comin’ Out”

  1. i lol bc you said “you only have 2 more days til friday” not “we” bc its always friday to you- you love your job, and you work on weekends….. even though its tiring and stressful at times, you are SO fortunate to really love your job this much and i am SO thankful !! ! ! ! ! !

    great photos, really gorgeous! 🙂

  2. Haha, there’s a reason you married me. You can read right through my lines! 🙂

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