Missing The Wife……..

I miss Sarah, I miss her companionship, I miss our talks, I miss hopping into bed with her for a movie night, I miss her – all-around. I think it’s obvious I’m ready to get home to Louisiana to my surroundings once again and get all this photo editing on a roll!

DC has continued to be such a great time. Last night, I did an impromptu outing to a thai restaurant and Pourhouse. Alli & Shilpa met up for dinner off Penn Ave then it was off to PH for some good ole drinking with buddies. Melissa Huber was in town from NYC for her ASL class so they all headed over to PH after catching Urinetown at Gally – so it was great seeing her again! Saw many others – whom it was great catching up with as well.

Today, I pretty much shot around Union Station again – in different areas and used that escalator again with Noreen and Lisa (I’m so in love with that “spot”…..) who will be getting married in Mexico this coming May. A BIG congrats to them – they’ll make such gorgeous brides! Check out all the latest from today’s shoots – every client/s were so easy to work with/shoot!

Thanks once again for all the business you are sending my way!


finally met Coco!



I’m in love with this photo. You can tell they just glow in love and this is so kick ass with the old guy going up the escalator! Perfect timing!


Enjoy your weekend! Me and Luke are off to eat dinner then hit a bar in Silver Spring for Tanya’s birthday celebration.


5 Responses to “Missing The Wife……..”

  1. i truly miss you too! 😦 i wish i was with you tonight- i love simple birthday gatherings like the 1 you’re attending tonight with all our dear friends.

    i love all of these! you shud show erin the pix we have of her and her beau in our bedroom- i love it. and wow i love the POP color in the LMW/Noreen “grow old, glow in love” pix!

  2. Patty Shaffner Says:

    Love the picture of my monkeys! 🙂 thanks again!

  3. noreen and lisa Says:

    we love the picture and we definitely cannot wait to see more! it was also so good to see you! hugs.

  4. aww Erin looks beautiful!!! 🙂

  5. Heidi Zornes Camacho Says:

    Thx again, tate, for coming to DC. All of these shoots were amazing!!! Happy we were the first shoot you did so we can see them all soon…..hehehe. Many hugs to you and Sarah. Have a safe trip home. I will be flying home at the end of July so I hope we can all hang out then. Sarah is dying to meet Sebastian. She will get to meet my lil man real soon. HUGS!!!

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