The sun has been crazy cool for me…. including today! Not one hint of cloud – I do love overcast weather the best for shooting but it’s nice knowing there is no CHANCE of rain when I’ve got so many shoots lined up.

All my clients met up with me today at Glen Echo Park – my newest hotspot for shooting! It just works so well for a diverse group of clients. Today, I did some family shots, senior portraits, college graduates, and couples….. all fun!

Thank you all for a fun day!







Rock and roll!


8 Responses to “SUN SUN LOVES TTP!”

  1. wow love ’em. i still cant get over the fact your pixs never look “same same same” i love the rock n roll one πŸ™‚

  2. Michelle Ayers Says:

    awesome pics as usual!

  3. love the last shot!

  4. The group pic of the 3 children is priceless! I like all the different and new backgrounds. Good job! Missing you!

  5. the kids- omg, u just wanna take ’em home with you! *biting on knuckles*

  6. I love picture of me and my boyfriend! it is so beautiful photo! Ramon says he does love it! Thanks so much! Other photos are great too!

  7. loves it! thanks so much for shooting us – it was big fun as always πŸ™‚

  8. kerri clark Says:

    those are WOWOWOWOW!!

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