I just officially finished this trip’s workload (the shooting at least! Haha!) and I wrapped it up with the lovely artist/musican, Jessica “Mustang” Graves at the Dumbarton Oaks (oh man – that place is a stunning environment. I just know mom would love it!).

SIXTY ONE SHOOTS in two weeks and two days. Talk about nuts. Everyone was great to work with and again, I can’t emphasize that it is so great that so many are so flexible/willing to work with my schedule/locations especially working around so many different clients/work-family-life schedules in their lives.

All were a success. I made some good money, new friends, and learned new things (like I do every time I shoot) about DC and it’s surrounding areas.

Now, right now I’ll post a shot from each of todays shoot – gorgeous! And the other ones are just a few random self portraits I did at the Dumbarton Oaks while waiting for Jess to arrive.

(fyi – here’s the link to check out the Dumbarton Oaks!)

Thank you again to everyone!!!!!!!!









8 Responses to “DONE WITH THE DC/MD/VA PEEPS!”

  1. llooooved the self portraits for sure!!!

    all the others are great too- always love the POP in color! 🙂 hurry tomorrow- im a bit bummed you arrive at 2pm, and i have to wait til 330 to get off, and then 4p to get home to see you-

    safe flight please! I LOVE YOU!

  2. Great pics. Ireland is growing up and she is soooo beautiful. Thank God she takes after her …….Dad! :-D… sorry Shannon, couldn’t resist the lie. Tate, I’ll see you at the airport tmw. Dad!

  3. i love the self portraits!!!

  4. good photos as usual :}

    know what? you’re looking more like russell crowe these days….

  5. kerri clark Says:

    lovely photos! so proud of ya – you did great in DC!

    Brooke, perhaps have your Brian grow his hair long and wear a beard….he does have the eyes like russell crowe….almost. 🙂

  6. brooke: many many people think kerri’s hubby, charles looks like russell crowe- AND HE DOES, therefore, her comment! 😉

  7. Ha I kw- that’s funny cuz when I met charles- I told him that he reminded me of russell crowe 🙂 now tate is starting to look like russell too! Must be his curly hair….

    For brian- oh pls. Lol- he must have a dark, curly hair to pull off the crowe look! 🙂

  8. kerri clark Says:

    get him a perm, honey. 😀

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