I did Alex’s senior portraits yesterday afternoon. Alex is the daughter of an old transliterator I had growing up here in town, Mrs. Kathi. Mrs. Kathi has been such a special person in my life and I like to say she helped me “become who I am” in her own way.

Thank you for the honor of photographing Alex’s senior portraits!






9 Responses to “ALEX”

  1. those stunning eyes, beautiful skin, adorable everything!

  2. OMG. She is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!! Oh my heart. Ms Kathi has helped me become who I am, too πŸ™‚ I love that woman to pieces.

  3. gorgeous! love her yellow top!

  4. Michelle Ayers Says:

    yeah I love her eyes too

  5. Wow Alex grew up to be pretty. It makes me feel old, though. I used to sit for her when she was like 5. πŸ™‚

  6. WOW! Ditto all the above.

  7. Mary S. Keller Says:

    i love the pictures of Alex and its great and i love it!! Tate did a great job on those pics.

  8. That’s my baby. I love so far! Can’t wait for the rest! We had fun. Tate’s the best!!!!!!

  9. Oh, Tate, I think these are gorgeous, but I know how pretty Alex is. Can’t believe she’s graduating ALREADY! Look forward to seeing a few more of these.

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