The Karnowskis from Minnesota!

CT Karnowski, a good friend of mine and was also a groomsman in my wedding, hired me to do his parents photos while I (and them) were visiting DC at the same time. I always loved taking photos of parents/older people who usually “don’t feel the need” for having photographs done of them. I think they are so much fun – they’re more in touch with themselves and really just know how to lighten up and have some fun!

The Karnowskis – Tom and Sandi! – from Minnesota were a pleasure to shoot! Thanks CT, for the biz! Tanya – looking gorgeous as per usual!

img_9904you’ll see this backdrop often in my Glen Echo shoots, it just had this radiant RED that was too sweet to not shoot with! The Cuddle Up will pop up in some “couples” shots – I just loved the backgrounds here!


img_9925-copyand, yeah I got a “smiling” one too – this one was just too funny.

img_9933I said “lean against the wall” and this is what HE did! Haha – humor, they HAVE.


img_9959The irony in this photo is they live in Crystal, MN!

img_9964They share a profound love for the Twin Cities Baseball team……



8 Responses to “The Karnowskis from Minnesota!”

  1. now i see where CT gets his sense of humor from! love it!

  2. i love that family!

  3. i just noticed the sports logo is designed “CT” . šŸ™‚

  4. Pretty cool, my favorite team’s logo can also be interpreted as my name. šŸ˜‰

    AWESOME PICS! Can’t wait to see the rest… =)

  5. Thanks again Tate for doing this. The pics look great. I know they really appreciate it and had a blast.
    Thank you too CT. Wish I thought of it! šŸ˜‰

  6. Yea, it looks like Sandi and Tom had a fun time for sure. Maybe one day you’ll consider shooting your parents. We definitely qualify as “older.”

  7. lolol… love the “lean against the wall pose”… now i know where CT gets his humor from šŸ™‚ good photos!!

  8. Tate, you’re one of my “favorites” of Chad (CT’s) friends so I always like to see you. It had been a long time since our last visit. Chad keeps us updated on you and Sarah. (You remind me of a dear friend of ours who passed about 14 years ago). We had fun. We thought we were asked to bring better clothes with no flowers because we were going to a wedding. What a shock to be taking pictures with YOU! Thank you so much. We haven’t had professional pictures taken in about 15 years. Thanks to CT too for thinking of doing this for us. What a son! What a photographer!!

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