Three’s Company

I love how these family photos came out! They were just a cool bunch.









9 Responses to “Three’s Company”

  1. VERY GORGEOUS! love the diversity touch to it!!!!!!

  2. Awesome! Tiff sure looks good and gosh, Gianna is just adorable!

  3. Michelle Ayers Says:

    Oh I love the expression in the third picture!!

  4. Tiff, J and Giana Says:

    We love the pictures and will be looking forward to seeing the other shots.

  5. THey are great!!

  6. Linda Langer Says:

    Tiffanee!! My old college roommate! I love all pixes!!! 🙂

  7. Nana and Papa Basse Says:

    Fabulous pictures…Miss you all ..Luv

  8. Melissa Shumate Says:

    AWESOME!! AWESOME!! Miss ya!!!

  9. Rachel Hollis Says:

    Oh gosh! They’re GREAT pictures!!! Gianna is truly a beautiful baby girl.

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