When Sarah and I got home from my afternoon shoots – we walked straight past BIRD and went into the house to throw our Papa Murphy’s pizza into the oven for dinner……. SoHo wanted to go outside so I picked him up and walked to the back porch to put him on his leash……

There….. I saw….. BIRD.

It looked like a baby bird but then it didn’t at allΒ  – it just seemed “grown” but now that I look back – it may have been a baby bird, just seeing how fragile it was. I wasn’t sure if it was “trying to fly”…. and when I got Sarah to come check BIRD out, she said it looked sick because when we tried to give it food, it appeared asleep. I thought maybe because the sun was out and whatnot, it felt a bit hot/sleepy… but then when it started trying flap its wings, it opened its eyes….. but it also looked like it was convulsing to a point.

Of course, we’re calling the local vet, who refers us to another vet (emergency) in Baton Rouge, then who refers us to the LSU Vet Clinic where they have people on call. Finally, after an hour – they called but by the time, I had already wrapped up BIRD in a baby blue face cloth to kind of let it die wrapped up in warmth instead of flopping allover on its back. Once it died, I took it out and put it in a hole I dug up to bury it in. I didn’t want to bury it with the cloth because I’d much rather it decompose and interwine with the dirt itself – may sound cheesy, but yeah.. that.

I took some photos because I did think it looked peaceful and just thought it was sort of a nice way to show how you can try to do something, but when it fails on you – that it’s not always meant as failure – but a reason to continue life and going on about it how you want to. We only live once, so we have to cherish every moment of it.





7 Responses to “BIRD”

  1. aw… it was nice of you to memorialize it this way. πŸ™‚

  2. aww! 😦

  3. Danielle Savoy Says:

    Oh Tate, it’s so moving to see the pics of the sweet little fellow – you’re right, he does look peaceful. And it’s not cheesy at all that you wanted him to intertwine with the earth. You’re right – it’s not a failure at all – everyone deserves to die in comfort, and it sounds like you and Sarah made sure the little fellow was able to do just that, and that is a blessing.

  4. rest in peace, bird.

  5. Michelle Ayers Says:


  6. erriiinnnn Says:

    some vets! 😦 poor bird. at least it looked at peace. πŸ™‚

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