Two Lovebirds & Some Music

Erin and Hector met up with me around Bethesda where I did the previous shoot with Heidi. I really enjoyed shooting around the area – it gets things fresh again for my mind, and it’s always easy to do that sort of shoot in the city area when it’s adult aged subjects. The “risk” of kids not being happy, having to “walk” too much from location to location can be a bit on the bad side – depending on the situation.

We did two shoots in one, some of the two lovebirds together then ended it with some promo shots for Hector’s upcoming new website that will promote his music production business.

We got some rock and roll shots – Thank you Erin & Hector – for the business and being such cool subjects for my lens.













3 Responses to “Two Lovebirds & Some Music”

  1. sweet!!! i love the bench one — i’m just trying to remember what we were laughing about.

  2. My favorite is the 6th and bench one too! 🙂

  3. shilpa Says:

    wow- me like the 1st one & the bench pix!

    sexy, that erin is.

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