Foxy Lady & Her Man!

Marcy & Jeff were a fun couple to photograph. It was so easy because they were really into each other and their chemistry was undeniable!

They’re also really goofy, so you know I love my goofy peeps!













11 Responses to “Foxy Lady & Her Man!”

  1. Monique Says:

    they are adorable

  2. Michelle Ayers Says:

    I love them all but I especially love the last one.

  3. The second to last one I like. Or maybe I just like her shoes. Hmm.

  4. Great pics man. I see what you’re saying… this is a fun couple. I couldn’t pic a fave.

  5. These are some really sweet shots! You really capture Marcy’s personality!

  6. erriiinnnn Says:

    aw, my dear marcy!!! they are great photos, tate!! 🙂 i agree with you- can see the love in their eyes.

    marcy, if u read this, u hafta introduce me to your man! 🙂

  7. Heidi Zornes Camacho Says:

    love all of them…they are too cute!!!

  8. thewife Says:

    i grinned from ear to ear throughout this entire batch!!!!!!!!!

  9. The model Says:

    Tate, you did a fabulous job 🙂 I cant wait to see the rest!!! xo

    And Erin…. yes yes!!!!!!! 😉

  10. Rebecca Reed Says:

    Super-cute couple!!

  11. Second to last is undeniably the best. And man, what an, ouch ouch ouch… sizzling hot couple!

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