Carson & His HOT MOM!

Dusti & Carson are one of my favorite sets of Mom/Son shoots yearly! I love being able to see Carson grow older into the young man he is becoming!

We always did “jeans/chill” in the past and Dusti wanted to do something more rock edge – and we certainly did! We got some cool stuff shooting in the Dupont Circle area.

I love how these came out!












9 Responses to “Carson & His HOT MOM!”

  1. thewife Says:

    i love them together, their chemistry, etc. hope we have a fun kid or 2 like him ! these portraits are gorgeous i wudnt mind using 1 or 2 for our wall art 🙂

  2. Katrina Says:

    Yesss Yes Tate! I love it

  3. shilpa Says:

    one of the most stunning mom/son pair i’ve ever seen!

  4. Lizzie H. Says:

    Sly Kid… I like!

    They’re all great! Fascinating dynamics.

  5. Michelle Ayers Says:

    I like the pop of color with the socks!

  6. Love it! Very dynamics and creative photographer you are!

  7. These are wonderful! And Momma Dusti is hot! Carson is a really handsome young man and took some neat shots. Great job!

  8. stephanie Says:

    love the idea of doing pictures every year — and dude, mom has a hot body. love her butt!

  9. chad falgoust Says:

    she very hotttt!!!!!is she single

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