Kent Liker was a random stranger that Tamara and I met out at a bar one night two years ago and we partied all night. Somehow, we stayed in touch via networking sites and he beeped me needing photos of something to sell, and I convinced him to do some portraits of himself.

They came out great – I wish I had his body. How do people stay so disciplined with excersise?!?







11 Responses to “LIKER”

  1. mrsclark Says:

    the first shot is so neat – the tombstones are zig-zagged – and Liker is so perfect looking in comparison. 🙂

  2. Nice, real nice–you and him!

  3. hot damn!

  4. I could’ve said that I really “Like” the work, huh?

  5. I could’ve said that I really “LIKE” these, huh?

  6. thewife Says:

    serious, thats how yall met? love it.
    great portraits!!!!!

  7. Damn….is he single? LOL

  8. Tate,

    He’s HOT and EASY on the eye… im already drooling… Growls

  9. droolin’ yeons of oodles- yeowza.

  10. Amazing Woman Says:


  11. First and foremost, I do not look like this in person… Tate can make anyone look like a rockstar, which he obviously did in my case. Second, you may not know this Tate, but we “ran into each other” because my friend asked me what “beautiful” was in ASL while we were outside of the club. I showed him, and then asked him why he wanted to know to which he replied, “because this girl behind me is hot and I want to tell her.”(Tamara) THAT is how we met, she was actually kind of impressed that I knew a little ASL…now feel free to laugh it up. To answer your fitness question…I blame 14 years of MMA and football, season 2 of American Gladiators, and it’s just my way to relieve stress. It’s not dedication in my case, it’s addiction.

    Thanks again bro!

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