Tate Shot Brooke & Michael

I had so much fun shooting this bride and groom for their engagement photo session around the Lincoln Memorial. This is an interesting story that just worked out for all of us – Brooke and Michael met in DC while she went to school there, but she’s from Baton Rouge, LA. I forgot how she heard of my photography services but she emailed me for my rates last year and booked me after we met in person at my home (I could just tell she was going to be such a fun bride, full of pesonality… bouncing allover the place). When she mentioned her fiance was still in DC working, I mentioned the fact that I lived there for 5 years blah blah…. then somehow she asked if I’d be going to DC anytime because she really wanted to do their engagement session where he proposed to her. Hence, the proposal took place AT the Lincoln Memorial – so it all worked out SO perfect.

We did the shoot in an hour, and it went so smoothly – Michael is a cool dude and you can just see the love screaming from their faces when they look @ each other/be around one another!

I am set to do Brooke’s bridals in a few weeks and we’re going to rock the dress out! She has some ideas she wants to incorporate into the session so THAT – I love!

They get hitched on June 20th in Baton Rouge, and I just am pumped up to capture their day! I am always so flattered when a hearing couple hires me for their wedding because I know that communication can be a barrier for us, but it usually always works out – because they trust my EYE and my talent. THAT itself is a compliment.

Check these out!! Brooke & Michael – can’t wait to do you in a tux and dress!!!











3 Responses to “Tate Shot Brooke & Michael”

  1. wow, small world. i know brooke- she and i taught together at a school in dc a few years ago.

  2. Thank you for posting! I love them 🙂

    PS – Hi Jane!!

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