Laney Gautreau’s Senior Portraits

Laney who goes to St. Amant High (my alma matta!) did her her session with me for her senior portraits and we just had a ball!

It was SO hot when we did our shoot, but you’d never know with her immaculate skin and gorgeous long legs. She played volleyball for St. Amant – they didn’t even have volleyball when I went to school there in ’93-’96!

















Good luck with your future, Laney!


14 Responses to “Laney Gautreau’s Senior Portraits”

  1. kerriclark Says:

    wow, she did great! love all these photos!

  2. brooke Says:

    def a gorgeous girl with ’em beautiful shots!

  3. thewife Says:

    i LOVE the jumping one! heck, i love ’em all!

  4. Michelle Ayers Says:

    I love them all but I especially love the one with the hair in her face. very natural also the fountain one!! looked like lots of fun!!

  5. erriiinnnn Says:

    beautiful girl… those are great shots! 🙂 i’d love to be senior now and have u to take my senior photos for me haha

  6. Simply amazing!

  7. She is a beautiful girl, but Tate you are an amazing photographer. I find myself clicking through to every single link you put up just so I can marvel at your photos. If you are ever up in San Francisco, I’d love to have you photograph my family. Trish

  8. i love her purple shirt!

    and speaking of liker’s comments about his pictures.. you do make everyone look like a rock star! and that is signs of a legendary photographer!

  9. Laney has star quality! Love the outfit with the splash of yellow.

  10. GREAT job, Tate! These are really fantastic shots of a beautiful and fun-loving young lady. She’ll never regret having you do these for her. Much success, laney! Congratulations!

  11. janette Says:

    this is my cousin she is so pretty i am way jealous

  12. Wow! This is yet ANOTHER beautiful St. Amant girl. She was gorgeous in every shot. You captured her beauty, her fun nature, and I think she has hidden model potential. I’m sure she (and her Mom) will be really pleased with the shoot.

    Congrats Laney, good luck and much success with whatever lies ahead in your life.

    Tate’s Dad!

  13. stephanie Says:

    gorgeous girl, gorgeous pictures. A+ tate

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