Julia & Frank = ENGAGED!

Julia & Frank got engaged in the Bahamas, Julia & Frank’s friend, Marcy Fox (who’s my friend) got them a gift of doing an engagement session with me (thank you! Friend Marcy!), then Julia and Frank met me at Adams Morgan on a very rainy, gloomy day. You wouldn’t have known it was rainy because Julia’s smile is so big and BRIGHT. I just loved shooting them together. Frank isn’t into “photos” but I think he enjoyed himself, right Julia?

Frank showed up with Julia and their “broken umbrella” – I’m looking @ Frank, and he has wet rain spots allover his dressy shirt. I figure, make it memorable and just leave the rain stuff visible! It dried up a bit towards the end, so we got a good mix!

Love, love, love how these came out!

IMG_2801 copy

IMG_2823 copy





IMG_2924 copy





4 Responses to “Julia & Frank = ENGAGED!”

  1. that girl r radiant. she saved the photos cuz the guy looked so sleepy fantastic colors n backdrop, tate

  2. Great shotss – they seem to catch a lot of personality in them

  3. i thought the guy looked like he was INTO pixs, good job!

  4. Love these! Esp the last one…. simply beautiful

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