Raj & Deepi & their Daughter

I love these photos I did of Raj & Deepi’s family. Their daughter is absolutely adorable and it was actually a sweet thing that she was shy almost the whole time we did the shoot (and she did just wake up before we began). Shy kids sometimes produce even better shots! That’s the fun thing about children – you never know what to expect so you just CAN’T have all these images in your head what you’ll end up with – it ends up being even better!

IMG_3599 copy


IMG_3611 copy

IMG_3623 copy



IMG_3673 copy




8 Responses to “Raj & Deepi & their Daughter”

  1. thewife Says:

    gorgeous i LVOE LOVE LVOE the one w the feet, love how you got the lil one ‘s feet even tho she was on daddys shoulders. creative. πŸ™‚

  2. bee-yoo-tee-ful photos!!!

  3. Beautiful picture especially with your daughter!! πŸ™‚ She’s like a princess.

  4. As always, great pics Tate! I like them all but the shadow pic is really nice and creative.

  5. I love these photos..
    the little girl is simply adorable :”)

    plus the b/w makes it shine!

  6. Great Family pics.
    The little girl is beautiful. I don’t see shy at all… all I see is happy, great smile, and loved waaaaay too much.

  7. Gorgeous family!

  8. *chirp chirp!*

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