Laughing Lani

I had so much fun photographing Lani M, a froshy @ Gallaudet, this day when I finally set foot on campus after a whole week without touching it. She is a fresh breath of happy, and she just appeared to have a great head on her shoulders. She said she had heard of me from when she was in high school, and he brother did a shoot with me with his ex…. blah blah and she had always wanted to get “shot by tate”. We had tons of fun!

FYI – for those alumnae that haven’t touched Gally in the last few years – omg – it’s like new stuff everywhere! The new SLCC building, the new turf on the football field, etc etc. It’s looking fantastic. I miss my Gallaudet days so much!


IMG_4321 copy

IMG_4337 copy

IMG_4342 copy


IMG_4383 copynotice the ball tru biz went into the basket!


and fyi, Lani’s laughs are so wonderful as you can see!

Thanks for the biz, Lani!

7 Responses to “Laughing Lani”

  1. OMG! tru biz in basket! LOVE IT – shes adorable!

  2. I really like the basketball shots. Good job!

  3. Mary S. Keller Says:

    great pictures!!

  4. Lani Murashige Says:

    OMG I LOVEEEE THEM!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS!!

  5. Linda Murashige Says:

    What a beautiful pictures of my daughter! I love to see pictures of her with big smile (laugh). Thank you. Tate.

  6. Niiiiiice, very pretty young lady with a million dollar smile. Different kind of shoot for you, and you captured her in different aspects of her college life. Keep smiling Lani, you make the world a happy place.

  7. Lani Murashige Says:

    everybody! thankss, i especially will continue with my smile and those laughs. šŸ˜›

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