Emily & Kevin

Emily & Kevin are two lovebirds who were just one of the sweetest couples I shot on this trip. They are very tender with one another, and you know when they look @ each other – it’s all about love.

IMG_4724 copy






IMG_4812 copy


8 Responses to “Emily & Kevin”

  1. Yeah, it’s all about the love. They really do look happy. My favorite this time is the shot with their reflection in the pool and the ducks nearby.

  2. Wow great shots of kevin! He looks so happy

  3. your wife Says:

    these made me giggle like a kid šŸ™‚ sweet pixs.

    the 5th one- i think he looks alot like bryce chapman

  4. Jenna Tomko Says:

    they are beautiful together :):)

  5. Mary S. Keller Says:

    They are great pictures and i love it…

  6. Allison Says:

    i LOVE these photos of my best friend and her boyfriend! so sweet!

  7. Dear Emily and Kevin,
    We wish you a lifetime of love and joy. We love Emily so very dearly, and we’re looking forward to getting to know Kevin better.
    All our love and best wishes,
    Grandpa Bill and Nicole

  8. Your cuz, Danielle Says:

    You 2 look sooo good 2gether!!! Emily is an awesome person!! I LOVE HER!!! (In a cuz way) šŸ™‚


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