Fat Tuesday Art

Here are some photos I finally edited yesterday from our day in New Orleans for Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras this past February. Mardi Gras is definitely a colorful holiday but I wanted to create that New Orleans “Storyville” feel to these photographs, and that “old school” PS action was perfect for the final touch.

I will sell these photos for $25 each (includes S&H), at only 25 editions each. Let me know if you’re interested in purchasing one for your home or as a gift!

The size is 8×10.



IMG_6704NFS (not for sale)





IMG_6893Can you find Dolly Parton?





7 Responses to “Fat Tuesday Art”

  1. your wife Says:

    i love, love and love these.

  2. Hey there, Tate.. I love those pics. it has storyville feel to it .. how much for the first one picture on top altogher? EMail me or at the facebook inbox. I”d love to get my hand on it so I can add those pics on my wall . Am always looking for new pictures and you have real gem to it 🙂

  3. Hey Angel – let me know which “Angel” this is so I know who to contact. Thanks!!

  4. Susannah Ford Says:

    Love this pic of Craig n I…. love his smile in this pic!

  5. love them ALL!

  6. I really the second photo but it is NFS!

  7. Yo- Id love to buy one of these prints- the one with the guys in skull makeup. Fucking A! Details, email me do-do

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