Gabriel & Tonatiuh

I love this set of photos between a father and son – Gabriel and Tonatiuh (isn’t that such a rad name?!). Gabriel had this idea of making Tonatiuh a mini-Godzilla tearing down the Capitol which was brilliant but we couldn’t get Tonatiuh to get “aggressive” – it was so cute. Tonatiuh kept looking at his father and shaking his head in a No manner. Eventually, we bribed him with some snack… and there a light kick went. It was so much fun!

Also with respect – to their Native American nature, we shot at the Native American Museum which is an absolutely stunning building. Gorgeous architecture – there, we got to emphasize on Gabriel’s creative side by doing some portraits of them just checking out the latest exhibition. I love how they came out.




IMG_4926 copy

IMG_4947 copy

IMG_4948 copy

IMG_4974 copy


IMG_4996 copy


7 Responses to “Gabriel & Tonatiuh”

  1. your wife Says:

    omg, these are d.i.f.f.e.r.e.n.t love ’em!

  2. Lindsay Hodgson Says:

    Dude, these rock. My favourite is your scary godzilla claws and Tonatiuh’s intrigued but superior expression. Beaut x

  3. mrs. charles clark Says:

    they are so cool, and the boy’s so freakin’ cute.

  4. i LOVE the hands-on-glass picture! there’s something striking about the difference in hand size, and the bond between them. beautiful.

  5. look great, in spiritual between father and son. really awesome!

  6. Wonderful. Tonatiuh looks not only cute, but also very calm and pensive somehow, even in the godzilla picture.

  7. You captured the peace and knowledge of this wonderful man and father with his wonderful son. Glorious.

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