Vivi & Vanessa – Vavoom!

Vivi & Vanessa did a session together. They’re good friends, classmates, and sorority sisters @ Gally. We did this session around the Union Station on a VERY rainy day! Thanks for being such good sports! We got some rock and roll shit.

IMG_5209 copy


IMG_5225 copy


IMG_5290 copy


IMG_5311 copy



5 Responses to “Vivi & Vanessa – Vavoom!”

  1. YAYYY!! šŸ™‚ the pics are beautiful! i love love them! but, you know that vani and i are cousins.. right? šŸ˜‰

  2. I forgot you guys mentioned that to me the day we did the shoot! They rock!!

  3. id love to hear the story behind the crutches. they look like a bundle of fun. some look like they belong in rolling stones which i love

  4. (ugh that was from me, sarah, not tate)

  5. ha ha.. well, what had happened was the weekend before our shoot I was volunteering for the Colorfest event at Gally. I was setting up tables for their reception, but as I was rolling one big, round, wooden (HEAVY) table towards the MPR I lost control of it. I stepped in front of it to stop it from falling, which of course didnt help the situation, the table slammed down giving me a nice hairline fracture in my left foot.. hence, the crutches, pfft šŸ˜‰

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