Gregory & Kallie – Engaged!

I did an engagement session with Gegory & Kallie who are engaged. They met at Gallaudet when they first entered (and also in the same class), and sure enough – they’re getting married on campus next May. I’ll have the honor of photographing their wedding and I’m so excited about it being on campus – that’s going to be gorgeous!

Congrats y’all!

IMG_5886 copy



IMG_5937 copy



IMG_6026 copy

IMG_6029 copy


5 Responses to “Gregory & Kallie – Engaged!”

  1. Oh, it will be great shooting a wedding at Gallaudet. What an opportunity for you and them–it’ll be special, for sure. I really like these, especially the one with the dog. CUTE!

  2. Great pixes!!!! 😉

  3. katelyn reese Says:

    very cuute pictures! i liiike!

  4. Patrick Rader Says:

    They’re one of the nicest couple at Gally. I’m glad to see they’re getting married. Great job on them, Tullier

  5. Niiiiiice looking couple. Is it just me ar does anyone else think they resemble each other?

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