SHILPA & SMITHA : The Hanumantha Sisters

I love Shilpa & Smitha. I have a special place in my heart for the set of sisters, and their parents. Shilpa has been a close friend of mine ever since I met her at Cue Camp Maryland back in ’94! We just clicked amazingly – and I’m so happy that Sarah and her are such good friends as well. Shilpa was in our wedding party as one of the bridesmaids. Smitha, her younger sister, is an amazing soul – both are.

Shilpa got to graduate and walk with her PHD – yup! – DR. Shilpa Hanumantha, she is now. Smitha hosted a big fabulous graduation event for her this past weekend. Sarah and I were so sorry to have missed it, but knowing how many people LOVE her – it must have been a rockin’ blast.

Here are some photos we shot while I was in DC – Shilpa wanted some new shots of her and Smitty, plus some to remember her Gally years as a student. She now works FOR Gallaudet, as a DR. How cool is that, Shilpa?!?!

shilpaphd2We’re SO proud of you!!!

IMG_6248 copy 2

IMG_6262 copy







10 Responses to “SHILPA & SMITHA : The Hanumantha Sisters”

  1. gorgeous sisters!!

  2. siggggggh this makes me soooo emotional. i love them! i miss them!

  3. wow. tate. i’m speechless.

    love ’em… and i can’t ((wait)) to snap pics of you on my new camera soon! :p

    (i love you too.)

  4. They are stunningly beautiful! Wow!

  5. CHAMPPPP pictures! 🙂

  6. I too love Shilpa. She is the brown daughter I never had. I don’t know Smitha that well, but if she’s Shilpa’s sister and are from Shilpa’s wonderful parents… she has to be gold as well. Great pics of the Hanu girls. COME SOUTH… the both of you… and bring y’all parents. etc. 143, Dad-T!

  7. mrs. charles clark Says:

    these make me smile! such a lovely session, I could tell. DOCTOR Shilps, a huuuuuge congrats on your doctorate!

    shoop shoop Shilpa shoop
    shoop shoop Shilpa shoop
    shoop shoop shoooooooop
    dr. shilpa! shooooooooop!

  8. Oh, my gosh! I love these! Of course my favorite is #1 of the DR. A thousand congratulations, Shilpa! I know your family and friends are so proud of you and your accomplishments. Lucky Gallaudet because they’ll be getting the top-of-the-line in you. Enjoy it all! Big hugs to your mom & dad and Smitha. Love ya!

  9. Beautiful pictures! I like #2 best!

  10. OMG, Tate!! They are sooo stunningly beeeeeeeautiful!!! Great job, Tate!!

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