Lyla – 7 months old

Marissa came over to the house with her 7 month old baby girl, Lyla. We had an hour of fun shooting around this and that in the house (and outside as well). Lyla seemed to get into it midway (as all babies tend to!) and we got some really fantastic work. I started editing them, until I realized – first come first serve! I’m in the last 5 days of the two week DC trip right now with editing so COME ON, TATE, FINISH.

But only to put a smile on your face, I’d like to introduce LYLA!

Isn’t she adorable?



Ok, back to DC shoots!

3 Responses to “Lyla – 7 months old”

  1. your wife Says:

    omg! little girls like that, or even when you post adorable little boys…. make me want 1,2, 3, 4 of them, hope if we have children, ours are half as cute as THAT! awwww!

    good job tate! i love the effects of the pixs, so classy!

  2. So great already! You have an amazing talent and a beautiful home. Please tell your wife how much I loved it! I would move in there right now! I am sure you would love having a teething 7 month old around. Thank you for having us out and for busting your tail to get my “serious” daughter to smile! ps -I am working on my facebook right now – ha!

  3. Randy T Says:

    Nice shots. That black wall really make a dramatic background for pics. I really like them.

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