Everyone that knows us well are very aware that we’re both TUB addicts. We never shower. Even if we have to “rush” – we “rush tub it”.

I have always loved taking photos of us in tubs, others in tubs, and whatnot – Tubs are great for photos!

Here are some photos of our tub area, and me going under the water, and two very important companions that keep me company when I take baths.












Take baths, they’re good for the body & soul.


6 Responses to “THE 2YEA TUB”

  1. your wife Says:

    aw our furbabies on the bathrug!! i LOVE how they do that. i love it even more when NoLa is on the windowstill.

    omg gorgeous pixs, i love the one of your feet, and the one of the shades!!!!!!!! you’re so handsome and we’re so lucky we have a bath-friendly tub!!!!!!!!!!!

    i love you!

  2. Amazing photostory! Its like… The time process of dying and rebirth in refreshing sense.

  3. Patrick Rader Says:

    Now, go in peace, Tullier! Nice photo….I really like how your eyes came out in your photo

  4. Jenny Rae Says:

    great shots!

  5. You made the Roman shade look better than it really is–thanks! My favorite is the second one with your reflection in the drain brass (whatever it is). And, it’s a nice series of you going under and up. Good ones, and different !

  6. Melinda Says:

    AWESOME.. i think i sld do that.. mmhmm 🙂

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