Judi & Ken – Lafayette

This afternoon – Sarah and I drove out to Lafayette for me to photograph Lani & Kelly (repetitive clients)’s mother, Judi who got married to Ken. They were such a sweet fun couple! I got great photos @ their ceremony and small celebration afterwards. They did this in their backyard near the water. It was so nice!

I love how these quick edits turned out.

Thank you Judi & Ken! Enjoy marital bliss! (and in that house that I absolutely LOVE!)

IMG_2811aEveryone @ the wedding!





Also, here’s a sweet shout out that Marissa wrote on her blog about her baby, Lyla’s session with me last week. We had a ball – they were such a cool mommy/daughter set. (the blog entry on my site, click here. The blog entry she wrote on her blog, click here.)

Hope your Memorial Day weekend has been going well. Ours has! Busy busy busy, is what we’ve been!

On a brag level – we FINALLY found the perfect table to complete our patio set. Come and visit us!

Enjoy tomorrow. Be sure to remember all the soldiers that have fought for our country and those who are currently overseas (and on land too, of course). They keep our future bright and we shall respect them for that.


2 Responses to “Judi & Ken – Lafayette”

  1. gorgeoussss. i loved their home, their yard, everything!

  2. mrs. charles clark Says:

    omg, so sweet! and so happy for them!

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