Lisa & Noreen – MARRIED

Lisa and Noreen were in DC at the same time as me for a wedding shower that their family/friends hosted for them (they live in NorCal) so it was perfect timing to do an enagagement photo session for them!

They just got married in Mexico this past weekend so I am so happy for them. Mutual friends said it was absolutely gorgeous so I’m so anxious to see the wedding photos (and yes, we tried to make it work to where I could go…. wouldn’t that have been amazing!?). They are two beautiful women and it was so obvious how much they love each other while shooting them.

my favorite is the escalator one with the old man going up……

IMG_7259 copy


IMG_7323 copy



IMG_7384 copy

IMG_7410 copy



12 Responses to “Lisa & Noreen – MARRIED”

  1. your wife Says:

    this gave me goosebumps- and made my eyes watery- they are so special…. and in this time with prop 8 etc.. just.. makes me… frustrated.

    i loves shoshannah’s statement today “If Alexander Graham Bell had successfully passed the ban on deaf on deaf marriage, I would not be here.”

    wow!!!!!! strong!

    AND….. i think about all these kids we know that have 2 daddies or 2 mommys… how they have such good loving homes, better homes than MANY kids who come from families of “one mom, one dad” where it’s not half as loveable or healthy…..

    funny how things work……..

  2. becca.boze Says:


  3. breathtaking pics!

  4. Beautiful pictures. Beautiful smiles. Beautiful colors.

    You can see the love flowing between them!

  5. Michelle Ayers Says:

    Yeah I have to agree with Sarah its funny how things work.

  6. Danielle Paquin Says:

    Wonderful photos Tate! Keep up the great shots!

  7. Jared Evans Says:

    awesome job!

  8. allison Says:

    Wow, loving Nora’s tats!

  9. Christina Hulin Says:

    They are all amazing! Love it!

  10. awesome!!

    email me lets all of us to have fun

  11. Breathtaking pictures!!

  12. I just want to say CONGRATULATION on your marriage and all the best for the future. You have made me and Tui to see “what love is all about”
    show the world that the love is very power and love your photos keep going x

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