Garri & Jillian

Here’s an awesome set of a really sweet couple – Garri & Jillian. I remember taking Jillian’s photos her FRESHMAN year at Gallaudet with some of her girlfriends and I recall doing a brother/sister shoot with Raymonda and Garri years ago. Amazing how time flies AND it’s such a cool thing remembering clients years ago and actually seeing them “meet one another” and end up dating…



IMG_7499 copy


IMG_7517 copy

IMG_7530 copy



7 Responses to “Garri & Jillian”

  1. lolitasays Says:

    Your work is fantastic. Are you in NY?

  2. No, I’m in Louisiana but do alot of travel. I lived in NY for about a year and loved it. I try to get back there every now and then.

  3. kerri clark Says:

    omg, they are a gorgeous couple!

    tater, your pics are getting better and better! serious biz. Esp the last three shots.

  4. Wow… that last shot is amazing. Talk about great timing! šŸ™‚

  5. Michelle Ayers Says:

    Wow the last picture is amazing!

  6. ALL the pics were nice. Gotta tell you tho… not a fan of the sandpaper-ish finish pics….yet!

    How do you get the sun to cooperate in these pics???

  7. I love ’em! Beautiful couple and super interesting shots!

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