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The Fruchey Family

Posted in baby, kids, tate tullier photography on June 30, 2009 by tatephoto

Joe & Meghan Fruchey came over this afternoon for their family session at the house. They have three adorable children!

See these for a preview – adorable!




Now, I’ve really gotta finish packing for Los Angeles! Ciao y’all.

The Denley Gang!

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I did Ashlie, James, Luke, & Gabe back in May around the house and we got some really great stuff! They’re a photogenic bunch!

Thanks guys for the business!!! Hard to believe it’ll be your one year anniversary this August already!



IMG_1512 copy



IMG_1541 copy

IMG_1552 copy


IMG_1611 copy




IMG_9723 copy

IMG_9736 copy

IMG_9764 copy

Thanks to Sarah for doing Ashlie’s hair/makeup!

The Stephen Wedding is Done!

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Stephan Reception Shots

Posted in wedding on June 29, 2009 by tatephoto

Here are some reception shots for the Stephans held at the Penn Oaks country club in PA!














More to come, of course!

Kevin & Laura Stephan Wedding Portraits

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I always love it when my bride and groom puts a good amount of time aside to do wedding portraits. It kind of sucks in when we just don’t have enough time to do this sort of shoot. Kevin and Laura did the opposite! We got to pull over en route to the country club onto this park grounds to do some shooting. We had a ball! Then once we got to the country club – they wanted to do even more – THAT is a photographer’s dream! I know it may feel like you’re taking away from the wedding celebration but really – photos are a lasting memory and with all the moolah you spend on me/the big day – it’s all worthwhile! Those few moments you “miss” at the reception are bound to be made up once the party starts! It’s all a matter of “in between” finances that I know some people can’t afford to do a cocktail hour, blah blah – but even an extra 15 minutes gives us a HUGE window to really get some awesome portraits down without all the guests/family around with the emotion high at it’s highest!

If you CAN – DO it. If not, at least throw in another 10-20 minutes aside without the family/friends distraction after the ceremony to do this sort of session. Also, you have to make sure and GIVE me permission to be agressive on making sure you DO get these sort of photos – because I HATE pushing buttons and over/and over/and over saying “Let’s do this… that…..” when I know you’re so overwhelmed with everything going on. Give me permission and I’ll be an extra amount of aggressive!

Check out these freakin’ awesome shots of the Philly couple – Kevin and Laura Stephan!





IMG_0292I think this is my favorite shot!









How the hell do I keep up?

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It’s getting to be impossible to keep up with my own schedule! I have MAJOR respect for other photographers who are able to stay on top of things (editing, shooting, scheduling, emails, networking, blogging, website updating, advertising) and all WHILE maintaining a “normal” life!

It’s Saturday and I spent last night drinking with my good friend, Whiskey, trying to organize for today’s garage sale with Sarah, Brooke and Rose (thanks girls!)….. eventually we all turned in around 1:30am. I woke up at 5:30 am to get all our stuff out on our carport for the sale from 7am-3pm. I spent all day in this sorching heat, selling and mid-day Emily came with Brooks to do his 6 month photos! Betsey also came along as well. Miquel was sorely missed (like I told you, we’re always thinking of you every other day and just wish you lived down the road from us!). By 2pm – we just had enough of garage sale’ing and gave up – profitted $240 from today. From there – we packed up our Commander and headed over to the donation center at the Fellowship. Finish!

Sarah went in and took a hot bath, and she’s not responding to my IM’s so obvious she’s napping! I am still filthy from sweating all day. I come in the office to check emails and end up editing! I love my work, and MAN – I just wish I had MORE time to do it. I think the more I do my own editing – the more perfectionist I make myself. I am consistenly pushing myself to take it up a notch for you, my clients. I want to provide you with some photographs that just scream WOW. I want you to WANT to hang it up on your wall – not tuck it away in an album somewhere gathering dust (but that’s fine too!).

Check out these shots! These are just “one” shot from past shoots I’ve done in the past few weeks of June but just never got to post for y’all to get a preview! I love, love, love, love, love how they’re turning out!!

I know I say it so often but THANK you so much for trying to be such patient clients. Thank you SO much for your business. THANK you for the referrals. Thank you so much for all of it.

IMG_0108aAshley, Daniel, and *coming soon – CHASE!

IMG_0213aBrooks Landry

IMG_0262aChristina & Madeline

IMG_3254aJess Rogers

IMG_7565aBrian, Sherry, & *coming soon _______ !!!!!

and for a ‘lil laugh…. Here’s  SNAP of SoHo today @ our garage sale all hot, tired, and just in dire need of some water.


The Stephan Ceremony

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I just finished editing the ceremony portion of the Stephan wedding and just had to post some for you to see!


















IMG_0228This last shot is pretty interesting. Not a typical one I include in a wedding album but it just gives me an actual cinematic vibe. Sorta the Pat Rack days – maybe? What do you think?

Thanks Laura and Kevin!! *FYI – y’all – they’re on their honeymoon right now!!!!! Hope they’re checking stuff online from time to time.

Have a great weekend. Rest In Peace Farrah Fawcett & Michael Jackson. Tomorrow is our Garage Sale. So. Much. To. Do.

Rock. And. Roll.