The Fierce Ferguson Family

Joe & Stacey were introduced to me years ago through Stacey’s sister in DC when I lived during my years there. I remember taking their family photos with their first daughter! Then following that came another shoot with their second daughter (with the boy in Stacey’s tummy) and just recently I did an absolutely fun shoot with the entire Ferguson brood!

Thank you Joe & Stacey for the continuous business and allowing me to photograph your family year after year. I appreciate the business and I love seeing how the kids grow up! They are a bundle of fun energy.






IMG_8338 copy

IMG_8343 copy


IMG_8377 copy

IMG_8384 copy


11 Responses to “The Fierce Ferguson Family”

  1. yay!!! love them! thanks tate – you really rock.

  2. your wife Says:

    for some reason this brought tears to my eyes- i think bc i love the color, style etc. anddd bc of what you said about watching them grow up etc. that must be so fun abt your job w your “regular” clients. so fun!!!!

  3. kerri clark Says:

    so precious!!

  4. beautiful, beautiful, tate!!

  5. these are just beautiful pictures of the entire family!! Love them.

  6. erriiinnnn Says:

    beautiful family… i LOVED the smile of their little girl (1st picture) totally cute! 🙂

  7. Great! I love the bright, color-filled photos best, but I know how much you love your B&W. Good job and beutiful family!

  8. Tracey Paulfrey Says:

    OMG!! You guys are toooo cute!! You guys are really fierce!

  9. Grandma Says:

    What a beautiful family! Oh yeah. It’s my family. Love you guys. xoxoxoxo

  10. Damita Ferguson Says:

    I feel so blessed to have such a beautiful family. All of their faces are glowing and reveal the God’s love. Tate, you did a beautiful job. Thanks for making my day. Auntie Mita

  11. Trish Winum Says:

    Wow! I had tears in my eyes….these are so beautiful! You are an amazing artist, Tate. I say it over and over and over…….

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