Remember when I flew out to LA this past March, right before I flew out to DC for two weeks. This is what the trip was for! I flew in to do a photo shoot and filming session with the Purple people for their Dream Bigger campaign. I was chosen as one of their ten trailblazers in the deaf community.

I love attention, but I always feel like an idiot when I’m in front of THE camera for things that “talk about myself”. Esh.

Bottom line, this campaign is being used to promote Purple’s products for their business as well as to promote us, the trailblazers, to the deaf community to inspire more people and whatnot to DREAM BIGGER. It definitely IS an honor to be chosen.

I have chosen LSD’s (Louisiana School for the Deaf) after school program to be what I want the proceeds to be put towards because the school itself is in really bad shape and I feel that the children are suffering in general from low morale, hurricane seasons, and just a negative impact that the larger society has on them so I want to bring some money in to provide more options of ART projects/speakers to come in and show them some good inspirational fun so they can continue to prosper and achieve their dreams. Dream Bigger, after all!

This was my sole reason for taking part in this campaign – I just don’t like being in front of the scenes, I MUCH rather be behind when it’s about what “I do” and but when it’s such for a serious issue, I knew I had to do it.

Anyway, check out the other nine. They’re such a great, special bunch that we’re all SO lucky to have in our community. I’m thrilled that we have two individuals from Louisiana itself! MJ and myself – that’s a compliment!

Please do throw your votes my way (of course, I want LSD to get the moolah!!!).\

Click the photo to bring you to the website to check out my profile (and PLEASE do check out the others!)


There will be an event held at the Baton Rouge Marriot hotel in Baton Rouge on Sunday, June 21st by Purple which will also feature some stuff blah blah with me. I’d love it if you would come check out the stuff and keep me sane!

If you do want to attend, please RVSP on the website as well.

8 Responses to “DREAM BIGGER”

  1. your wife Says:

    you make me so proud.

  2. i saw your video and your cheeks are truly pinch-able!

    me is the proud of you, dude.

  3. K McPhail Says:

    all i have two words…


  4. Randy T Says:

    My Boy!!!! Yes, I’m proud!

    Now, don’t just sit there… go to the site and vote for Tate. Merci’.


  5. I am extremely proud of you “most” all the time 🙂 You’re a super photographer, friend, husband, son, and much more. You can win this with all the people who love you. Dream BIG! I hope LSD is ready for the after school art program. 143

  6. Charlotte & Richard Says:

    Way to go, Tate! We voted and I passed it on to others, too!

  7. Hey Tate,

    Congratulations! It was truly a pleasure seeing this campaign come to life after months of hard work. Others deserve to know what you’re doing, and how you’re getting there. Friends of Tate, share this news and come out for a good time on June 21st in Baton Rouge.


  8. Congatulations Tate. I know every experience with life you’ve ever had, has brought you to where you are. I hope you are truly grateful for it all.
    *** keep dreaming, that others may be inspired by your vision for life, beauty & truth***
    God be with you and bless you abundantly

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