Rock and Roll TASHA

Tasha graduated from Gallaudet this past semester so she wanted to do some fun senior portraits to look back and remember herself by. I looooove how they look! So edgy and so much fun, and I love the hot pink!




IMG_8705 copy




IMG_8786 copy

5 Responses to “Rock and Roll TASHA”

  1. Kat Brockway Says:

    AWESOME photos- Tasha, you rock!

  2. Creative idea with the ’08 & ’09, Tash. I should have done that for my second Gally graduation in ’07 by including my ’06. Heh. Great pics. Tate’s right, hot pink suits you well. I liked the pic in front of the train/trolly. How were you guys able to get that pic done and find an empty train/trolly??

  3. So good! Of course, my favorites are the graduation cap shots. Those will be so meaningful in the future. All are good!

  4. your wife Says:

    i looooooooooove these. i love the 2nd one!!!!!

  5. !!!!!! i remember being a senior in high school and i helped out with the elementary class P.E. class a few times a week. tasha was one of the kids in my class! i used to hate it when people told me “my my how you’ve grown so much!”

    and i came SO close to typing that out!

    looking fabulous!

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