Lenore & Her Son

I love doing mom and kid shoots – you know how they say there’s that NATURAL mother’s instinct that a dad & kid have don’t have until they bond. I love capturing it. This set of photos shows a ma and son who seem close to each other and I couldn’t help but just have a big smile on my face when he went across tons of rocks to HELP his mom get across with better balance. It was such a sweet act of love (and she didn’t even ask him to help).


IMG_9160 copy

IMG_9171 copy

IMG_9177 copy

IMG_9183 copy


IMG_9219 copy

IMG_9224 copy



4 Responses to “Lenore & Her Son”

  1. Hi Tate !

    I love the black and white .. it reflect the “true” relationship between mom and son . Those are beuatiful pictures!! keep ’em coming !!

  2. becca.boze Says:

    oh i really like that last one.

  3. Michelle Ayers Says:

    I love the backgrounds!

  4. OMG. I just LOVE all of them!! wow… They are soo BEAUTIFUL photos!

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