Jessica & Her Ukulele

Jessica Graves is a repeat client for me, and she has been really doing alot of music. She performs in various places with her darling ukulele (for those of you who don’t KNOW what that is – here’s a link).

I LOVE how these came out! She wants to use them for promo purposes so we shot them all with her ukulele. This is around the Dumbarton Oaks in DC (an absolutely gorgeous place!) so definitely check out this link to see the place in depth.

Thank you Jessica! Good luck with your music adventure!


IMG_9303 copy



IMG_9375 copy




IMG_9494 copy

IMG_9538a copy



5 Responses to “Jessica & Her Ukulele”

  1. I really like the one of the monasic women holding/touching the Ukulele. Creative!

  2. very different and creative! like em!

  3. i love the last pic on the bottom.. it shows a lot of soul within it 🙂

  4. Great job! I love the shot with the wall art ‘holding’ the uke! Love the turquoise color in the pics.

  5. these are fantastic

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