Bradley & Lindsey Clement!

Bradley and Lindsey are now MARRIED! I met them through Bradley’s brother Chris who married Mary in Gulf Shores two years ago when they hired me to do their wedding there. I am having a ball with this circle of friends/family! (I’ve now done two, and one more this October for Debbie who was Mary’s bridesmaid and is marrying Mary’s brother as well!!!!) This week, I’ll be doing Chris and Mary’s 8 week old baby’s photos – the ever so gorgeous Ellie Grace who we got to meet tonight during the celebration!

Bottom line – it’s ALWAYS a huge compliment when I do a wedding for a client, and their own friends/family/bridesmaids/groomsmen actually like how I “do it” and hire me for their own weddings! That definitely makes me feel good about what I offer clients on such special days in their lives.

These photos are just absolutely fantastic. You can tell they all have such great personalities and it was almost like I was shooting my OWN family! They made Sarah and I feel so comfortable and they were just a joy to work with.

More to come of course, after I finish editing ALL my May shoots/weddings!!! (Which will start on Monday!)

Thank you Bradley and Lindsey!!!!












11 Responses to “Bradley & Lindsey Clement!”

  1. your wife Says:

    one of the most gorgeous weddings- i always love garden weddings especially in new orleans. and it sure was FUN, loveable and….. so southern! 🙂

  2. FUN!!!!!!!! You get paid to do this??? I spent way too much time in a refinery.

    Great pics, now about these guys with the painted toe nails……hmmmmmmm? 😀

  3. i love the quirkiness of the wedding. especialy the guys and their pedicures. too funny!

  4. Another set of great shots. Love the one of the smiling couple with the entire wedding party looking on from the background.

  5. lovelovelove the last one! it looks so classic.

  6. WOW. one of the BEST wedding fotos i’ve ever seen! and i love the bride’s wedding dress?! so elegant yet so simple too. love love the pedi & champagne & everything… :p

  7. Susannah Ford Says:

    Love these pics!!! The Bride has a beautiful smile that goes right up to her eyes 🙂 and the pedi-pics are too funny! What a fun day/ceremony/event!

  8. Lizzie H Says:

    LOVE the last one! It has such a classic touch! The pictures came out beautifully and the guys’ painted toes cracked me up.

    Fabulous work as always. I’ll need to schedule a session with you one of these days!

  9. Doc and Mary and Nanette and Marc Says:

    Gorgeous wedding and pictures. LOVE LOVE LOVE, All of Us

  10. Doc and Mary and Nanette and Marc Says:


  11. Darren Frazier Says:

    Dude, you nailed the last photo. Timeless, for sure.

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