Amelia’s Lyon

I love this photographer in SoCal – I hope to one day have her photograph Sarah and I when we have kids. She and her husband are both amazing photographers that I follow to get inspired for my own photo sessions and weddings. I feel that other photographers can really help me grow as one myself because we just never stop improving. I love expanding my horizons in how I approach a session/wedding and certain photographers like Amelia just make me wanna go crazy!! Thank you for the inspiration A & J.

Now, the point of this blog was I was shooting a bridal session this past Friday and I saw this lion statue and strangely – I think of a photographer I never met in SoCal – Amelia! Her logo for the business is a lion as you can view here at her website – Amelia Lyon.


So if any of you see any starburts around town that remind you of my LOGO (you can see the full version at my website) send ’em my way!

Have a great week ahead of y’all. I’ll be mad dash editing all week.


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