Marty, Georgann, & Hannah

Here are some family photos of Marty (my cousin via my mom’s side of the family), Georgann, and the absolutely GORGEOUS Hannah.

We got some really fabulous shots from this session and I’m so excited about them.


IMG_7310 copy




IMG_7368 copy


IMG_7398 copy



IMG_7537 copy

IMG_7609 copy


8 Responses to “Marty, Georgann, & Hannah”

  1. mrs. charles clark Says:

    those are just so amazing.

  2. Nicole Alleman Says:

    Awesome pictures! Amazing! Keep it up with your GREAT work! We all are so fortunate to have you as our photographer!

  3. Michelle Ayers Says:

    great photos!

  4. Great shoot. Hannah is a doll! What a sweet, loving family… your pics captured that.

  5. your wife Says:

    OMG i LOVE LOVE LOVE these!!!!!!!

  6. How fun! I wish I’d have been with you. I know that Hannah is a little on the shy side, but y’all got her loosened up. She’s precious, and so are her parents. Love the pictures and them!

  7. cheree mull Says:

    gorgeous pictures !! I can tell u re professional ! Keep up good hard work !

  8. Really lovely photos!

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