The Gonzales Family!

I graduated with Kellie Scott Gonzales from St. Amant High back in 1996! It’s crazy seeing old faces 10 + years later. So fun too. Her and Casey’s kids are just too much fun and I love their blue eyes!

IMG_7648 copy




IMG_7767 copy

IMG_7776 copy


IMG_7797 copy



Thanks to y’all, the Gonzales Family!

4 Responses to “The Gonzales Family!”

  1. Michelle Ayers Says:

    I love the little feet and the brother and sister love picture!

  2. becca.boze Says:

    I remember her and Lauren being friends…..what a trip she is! Her kids are so cute.

  3. Juli.Kinney Says:

    Oh my gosh !!!!!!!!!!! I love all the pics you do Tate! I had to comment on this one… I loved how you made the sweet little girl’s photo look like it came from the early 1900’s! Amazing! Great job, Tate!

  4. Very nice pictures. Can’t pick a favorite, I like them all. You can see the love and caring in this family.

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