The Tulliers : June 22, 2009

Here’s a few shots of us @ home.

SoHo just got groomed today. Isn’t he freaking cute?


NoLa in one of her favorite spots (under our kitchen table). Gorgeous kitty.


My wonderful wife and I.




5 Responses to “The Tulliers : June 22, 2009”

  1. Julie R. Says:

    Cute pics! how did you light up the picture wtih NOLA under the table?

  2. Michelle Ayers Says:

    I love that picture of you and Sarah.

  3. Michelle Ayers Says:

    Tate-did I ever tell you I like your curly hair?

  4. jasindia Says:

    love all pics!

    i love it how Sarah has no/less makeup on! so beautiful. and tate, you could put AJolie’s lips to shame!

  5. i love that second shot of nola!!!! especially from the angle where you shot her! 😀

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